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Chamber of Commerce in Russia

Our mission is to act and succeed together!

Центр компетенций Бельгийско-Люксембургской Торговой Палаты в России

Целью "Экспертного центра компетенций" Бельгийско-Люксембургской Торговой Палаты в России является продвижение, информированние  и поддержка  бизнеса, создание основы  для обеспечения более надежного процветания и обеспечения лучшего будущего предпринимательству без границ.

The aim of the "Expert Competence Center" of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Russia is to promote, inform and support business, to create the foundation for more reliable prosperity and a better future for entrepreneurship without borders.

Бельгийско-Люксембургская Торговая Палата

The Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce

"Expert Competence Center" of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce ( BLCC / CCBLR Moscow)

The CCBLR has been the trusted partner for successfully conducting business in Russia since 1974. We are a private public membership organisation which helps Belgian and Luxembourg businesses exporting to and/or investing in Russia. With over 146 million inhabitants and Moscow as a gateway to the rest of the Eurasian Economic Union, it represents a wealth of opportunities for both exporters and investors:

We may help you access this wealth with practical competences, a wide network and access to our office in Central Moscow, Brussels and Luxembourg.

CCBLR is dedicated to minimising your costs and saving you time. Our competences include:

Visits to your premises in Belgium or Luxembourg  to discuss your Russian export and investment plans

Setting up your Russian organisation from A-Z

Trusted and approved management company as your Russian General Director, as a reliable solution to avoid all "human risks"

Co-working, meeting, conference and accommodation facilities in Central Moscow

Monthly salary administration for your Russian employees including up-to-date employment contracts and monthly payment of salaries, national insurance contributions and taxes

Legal advice by our in-house solicitor

Advise on offset warranty contract for Investors

Telephone answering, postal and registered address services

Company Secretary and Director services

Trouble shooting your operations in Russia

Processing agent services

Russian staff recruitment by our industry experts

Accounting & expert tax advice by our industry experts, including banking, invoicing, bookkeeping, quarterly management accounts, end of year accounts and corporate tax returns

Russian mobile phone subscriptions

Bad debt recovery services

Pensions and life insurance advice by our industry experts

Company insurance advice by our industry experts including employers, public liability, product liability and officers & directors liability

Contact us on +74994907767 or e-mail moscow@ccblr.com to discuss your plans and needs now.

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