Компетенции Бельгийско-Люксембургской Торговой Палаты в России ( CCBLR / BLCC Russia )
Компетенции Бельгийско-Люксембургской Торговой Палаты в России ( CCBLR / BLCC Russia )
Экспертный Центр Бельгийско-Люксембургской Торговой Палаты в России ( CCBLR / ТПБЛР )

Телефон Московского офиса



Chamber of Commerce in Russia

Our mission is to act and succeed together!



1. Full legal support of investment projects, trade and economic contracts, drafting of agreements, legal examination of contracts and other legal documents;

2. Accreditation of foreign representative offices, branches, companies with foreign investment, joint ventures, provision of a trusted General Director;

3. Legal advice and practical assistance in project finance, trade finance and international banking;

4. Legal assessment of the situation of a participant's foreign economic activities, in-depth advice, assessment of legal risks;

5. Assistance on obtaining visas for business partners;

Skills presented by the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber partners


1. Support in the registration of medical devices.

2. Support in the certification of medical devices

3. Support in the certification of other products upon request

4. Representative services in Russia and in Benelux countries on the basis of long-term contracts;

5. Administrative lobbying of interests of members in state bodies;


1. Strategic advice in relation to the company, the project

2. Promotion of goods, technologies

3. Research and development of investment cooperation projects

4. Preparation and conduct of negotiations

5. Organization of business visits, missions in Benelux and EU countries

6. Ensure effective foreign economic activity

7. Organization of exhibitions, fairs, presentations at international events


1. Выбор, идентификация и оценка деловых вожможностей компаний

2. Проверка деловой репутации руководителей компании

3. Проверка благонадежности и деловой репутации организаций.

4. Корпоративные расследования

5. Исследования рынков

6. Поиск и оценка промышленных / коммерческих проектов

7. Информационная поддержка участия в зарубежных тендерах



CCBLR mission is to be a true leader in sustainable development for business relationships.

Realizing the task of becoming not only a platform for discussion, our center of experts is the place of the emergence of strategic regional benchmarks and promising projects.

The Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Russia is a source of concrete action, playing the role of mediator and organizer.


Membership benefits





Members of CCBLR Chamber of Commerce receive:

- professional support and the provision of up-to-date information for the start-up and development of trading or investment activities in Russia and in the Benelux countries - Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg.

- The Chamber can be used as an open forum to discuss issues related to finding business partners, conducting market research, address database, government support, international trade, investment, development opportunities, commercial customs taxation, relevant legislation, etc. ;

- support in the search for a strategy, the identification of good business partners, investment, the strengthening of market positions and the carrying out of market studies in Russia and in the Benelux countries, in particular by providing information about the legal code, commercial customs and legislation of our countries;

Members of our Chamber of Commerce receive:

- using our Chamber's well-established network of relations, including with Russian trade missions and embassies, as well as with the embassies of Belgium and Luxembourg;

- participation in business events organized in the form of the Belgian-Russian business club. Authoritative specialists of Russian and European business circles are invited to meetings of the business club.

- receive invitations to all conferences, lunches and seminars organized by the Chamber with the participation of eminent representatives of the economic, diplomatic or journalistic circles as speakers. As topics for discussion, specific questions are offered regarding the state of the Russian and Benelux markets, politics, export insurance policy, legislation, customs, visa issues, etc.;

Members of our Chamber of Commerce receive:

- if needed, the assistance of the Chamber of Commerce, as a privileged mediator in contacts and business relations between the authorities, companies and citizens of Belgium and Luxembourg, on the one hand, and the government bodies of Russia, on the other hand. The Chamber also assists in hosting delegations, participates in economic missions and exhibitions in these countries;

- the administrative promotion in the interest of the members of the chamber.

- participation in current events, fairs, seminars, training days, press conferences, etc.


Membership in the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Russia (CCBLR) is open to entrepreneurs, corporate companies, cooperatives and small businesses, as well as professional and interprofessional associations interested in trade and investment.

Our mission is to act and succeed together!